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  Miss Rennu Online is a revelation and vision of Rennu Dhillon, founder and owner of the award winning accelerated learning centers and franchises, Genius Kids, The Lil' Genius Kid & Win With Words. Her interactive educational lessons are engaging and stimulating, capturing the attention of young minds with the bright colors, simple formats and strong "British accented" voice of Miss Rennu. Children of all ages will begin to respond with interest as they master their phonics sounds, blend letters to spell & read, develop a love for science, literature, history and cartoon art.

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Miss Rennu On Air

Genius Kids On Air Radio Show June 5-2013
Genius Kids On Air Radio Show May 22-2013
Genius Kids On Air Radio Show May 8-2013
Genius Kids On Air Radio Show May 1-2013


  "YOUR CENTER HAS ALWAYS BEEN MY FAVORITE PRESCHOOL - Its been pleasure sending Rohan to Genius Kids. Thanks to you and your staff for not only building confidence in Rohan but also to motivating him to participate in all kind of activities.Genius Kids has always been my favorite Pre-school and will always remain.All the very best for your future endeavors"
  - Sonia Nigam, Fremont CA
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